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Welcome to the Irish Dance Wiki,
the free Irish dance resource that anyone can edit.
1,894 articles in English

The Irish Dance Wiki is intended to be a repository of information for people who love Irish dance in all its forms as dancers, musicians or just spectators.

What makes the Irish Dance Wiki different from all the other dance-oriented web sites out there? You can edit the content! With other sites you have no control over the content and so can't add missing information (is your school listed?), correct mistakes (you replaced your lead singer?) or fix links to sites that died long ago. Here you can do all that and you don't have to wait for someone else to upload the fixes before they go live.

Main wiki sections - May 18, 2024


  • The wiki is open for editing by everyone. You may edit articles anonymously if you like. Before your changes will be saved you'll be required to answer a dance related question. The question will show near the top of the page after you first try to save your edits.
If you would like to avoid having to answer a question each time, take a moment to create an account here and log in. Logged-in users are not required to answer the dance question before their changes are saved.
  • Feel free to add any link or article that can be related directly back to Irish dance.
  • When adding links to other pages please do not simply rip off other link pages. There are a ton of dead links on pages that search engines like Google will return as authoritative sources. Make sure the link works before adding it here.
  • If you're new to editing wiki pages, play around in the sandbox. That page is free for editing at will and is also a source of instructions on wiki tags.
  • When editing pages please prefer adding information to existing pages whenever possible. If you're adding a completely new category a new page is appropriate. As pages grow we'll break out information into their own pages.
  • If you quote information on the web provide a link back to the source. If you quote information off-web make sure you provide full attribution.
  • While there are a large number of links here at present, we would prefer to have descriptive articles to accompany the links. An example of this is the Dance Videos and school list on the USA dancing pages where many of the links will take you to wiki pages describing the subject in question. This form is preferable to just a link to someone else's web site (although a link should be included).
  • The last guideline is especially important for school directors, producers of books and videos, band members, etc. Take a moment to create a page about your school, product or group and add a link to your page in the appropriate topic. It will give people more to go on than just a link.
  • Note that removal of information should be accompanied by a comment in the summary field on the edit page. If it's not clear why the information is being removed, you will likely find the information will be restored by someone else.