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From their website [1]:

We believe that one of our greatest assets is the diversity of our teaching staff. Although each teacher is the primary instructor in their own studios, all teachers travel among the various locations to teach all of the students in the school. Bringing a different perspective and approach to the students, each teacher relies on their own strengths to further develop the abilities and talents of the dancers. With relatively small class sizes, students receive personal attention from the teachers in each class and focus on proper form and technique, as well as stamina, flexibility, and presentation.

Our goal here is to teach Irish dance to the best of your child's ability, and most importantly to make it a wonderful and memorable experience. We want you to enjoy coming to classes, going to competitions and giving performances. The skills taught in Irish dance go beyond dance skills and have proven to be invaluable many years later to so many people.

Our Irish Dance School was one of the top Irish dance schools in the world. Founded in 2003 as a result of a merge between the world-famous Butler-Fearon School of Canada and California and the O’Connor-Kennedy School in California, it quickly became the premier school in the Western US and Eastern Canada, and internationally. After the retirement of her two partners, Kate O'Connor, ADCRG decided to continue what was created 18 years ago. So, in July 2021, along with her son, Sean Kennedy, TCRG, the school was reintroduced and returned to the original family school name of O'Connor Kennedy Academy.

Over the years, our students have won numerous titles, including Western US Region, Eastern Canadian Region, North American, Australian, Great Britain, All-Scotland, All-Ireland, and World Champion. In addition, several senior dancers with the school have toured with or are currently touring with shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance.

Classes are offered for all levels of dancers, from very beginner to championship. In addition, we offer a variety of instruction from certified teachers in all locations and strive to make each child the very best Irish dancer that they can be. We invite you to join our school today and become a champion of tomorrow.

Teachers: Kate O’Connor, ADCRG, Sean Kennedy, TCRG, Kathleen Smith, ADCRG, Megan Wright, TCRG, Shannon Fabry, TCRG & Annaliesa Potter, TCRG

Association: CLRG

Emails: ockairishdance@gmail.com (Southern CA), kathleen.ocka@gmail.com (San Francisco)