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Matt Cunningham's instructional DVDs on set dancing are an excellent way to learn new or brush up on sets you haven't danced in a while.

The videos were shot in Cloonacauneen Castle and feature very clear instruction by Pat Murphy, Aidan Vaughan, Pádraig McEneany, John Henchy and Tony Ryan.

DVD Volume 1[edit]

  • The Claddagh Set
  • The Sliabh Luachra Set
  • The Clare Orange and Green

DVD Volume 2[edit]

  • The Ballycroy Set
  • The Caledonian Set
  • The Fermanagh Quadrilles
  • The Aran Set

DVD Volume 3[edit]

  • The Galway Set
  • The Williamstown Set
  • The Monaghan Set
  • The Clare Lancers



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