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Try to keep them in alphabetical order by region. Also, don't forget to add an informational page after adding a link below. It doesn't help anyone to add a link that doesn't go anywhere. Follow the link for one of the other schools for an example.

While the title of this page is "Dance Schools" feel free to include any locations where regular instruction occurs.

ACT (Australian Capital Territory)[edit]

NSW (New South Wales)[edit]

Central Coast[edit]

Central Sydney[edit]

Eastern Sydney Suburbs[edit]

Northern NSW[edit]

Northern Sydney Suburbs[edit]

Orana Region[edit]

Southern Highlands[edit]

Southern Sydney Suburbs[edit]

Western Sydney Suburbs[edit]

Wollogong Area[edit]

QLD (Queensland)[edit]


Brisbane Area[edit]

Cairns Area[edit]

Gladstone & Area[edit]

Gold Coast Area[edit]

Ipswich & Area[edit]

Mackay & Area[edit]

Mount Isa[edit]


NT/SA (Northern Territory/Southern Australia)[edit]

Adelaide Area (SA)[edit]

Darwin & Area (NT)[edit]


VIC (Victoria)[edit]

Eastern Melbourne Suburbs[edit]

Geelong Area[edit]

Innermost Melbourne Suburbs[edit]

Northern Melbourne Suburbs[edit]

Outermost Melbourne Suburbs[edit]

Somerville (Mornington Peninsula)[edit]

Southern Melbourne Suburbs[edit]

Western Melbourne Suburbs[edit]

WA (Western Australia)[edit]

Innermost Perth Suburbs[edit]

Northern Perth Suburbs[edit]


Southern Perth Suburbs[edit]