Dancing at the Crossroads

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Dancing at the Crossroads [1]
If you are looking to learn the 30 ceili dances from Ár Rinci Fóirne, this is the video for you. It features an excellent band and several dancers from Riverdance, going through all the dances. You should certainly make this part of your arsenal if you're going to prepare for your certification but be aware that there are some differences in the way a few moves are done between the video and Ár Rinci Fóirne.

From the web site:

Dancing at the Crossroads is a 70 minute, tutorial video on Irish Ceili (kay-lee) dancing. Ceili dancing was the original type of Irish dancing and was danced in the homes or at the crossroads of the villages in Ireland. Today, there are 30 traditional dances that are stilled performed and are growing ever more popular by the onset of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance.
Many types of Ceili's are used in Irish Dancing competitions. In shows like Riverdance, you see a combination of Ceili dancing and Set dancing in "The American Wake" scene. Americans usually compare it to square dancing. The dances are for groups of 4 to 16.
This video was recorded in The Burren pub in Somerville, Mass. Over 30 dancers from Riverdance the Show - Shannon Company performed in it.

Links to buy[edit]

Unfortunately the video is no longer available for purchase.