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From their web site
Ronan Regan and Maldon Meehan, now have an instructional DVD of sean-nós steps. Sean-nós is a form of old-style Irish dance, which survives mostly in the Connemara Gaeltacht. It is most likely the form of dance that American clogging and tap dance draw their Irish roots from.
The DVD was shot around Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. Opening shots were set in the Claddagh and around the Corrib River’s Salmon Weir. The instructional part was shot in Aras na Gael, on Dominic Street, Galway with Johnny O'Halloran from Inis Bofin, Connemara providing the tunes on melodeon. Ronan and Maldon later went down to Johnny and Mick Crehan's pub `The Crane Bar' for an impromptu session of music and dancing.
The DVD will take you through a demo of the steps, an in-depth teaching of the steps, a slow practice followed by a chance to dance the steps up to speed. There is a lot of material on the DVD which will enable the dancer to gain a comprehensive set of steps to dance at sessions or a battering vocabulary that can be introduced into their set dancing repertoire.

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This is an excellent DVD containing clear instructions given in a workshop style that makes the viewer feel as though they're in the same room with the instructor. The steps are shown several times through from behind, with the camera looking at the instructors feet. This is a highly recommended DVD. MichaelH 07:44, 26 January 2007 (PST)