Butler-Fearon-O'Connor School of Irish Dance

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From their website [1]: The Butler-Fearon-O’Connor School of Irish Dance is one of the top Irish dance schools in the world. Founded in 2003 as a result of a merge between the world-famous Butler-Fearon School of Canada and California, and the O’Connor-Kennedy School in California, it has quickly become the premier school in the Western US and in eastern Canada, as well as internationally. The directors of the school are Rose Fearon, ADCRG, Vincent O’Connor, SDCRG and Kathleen O’Connor, ADCRG. Our goal here is to teach Irish dance to the best of your child's ability, and most importantly to make it a wonderful and memorable experience. We want you to enjoy coming to classes, going to competitions and giving performances. The skills taught in Irish dance go beyond dance skills and have proven to be invaluable many years later to so many people.


Hamilton, ON

Brampton, ON

Toronto, ON

Milton, ON

San Francisco, CA

Laguna Hills, CA

Riverside, CA

Sherman Oaks, CA

Simi Valley, CA

Vista, CA